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Providing organic search engine optimisation services to the UK

Why choose organic SEO ?

Search engines are constantly striving to bring their users the most relevant search result, in order to do this the search engine employs a bespoke algorithm that reviews each website for content, meta code and popularity. In simple terms, the algorithm looks for relevant meta code, relevant content and then incoming and relevant links. If one of these key areas are missing the search engine may down rank the website or even remove the website from it’s index.

Organic and natural SEO focuses on delivering the three key result areas of meta code, content and links – unlike blackhat SEO. Search engine are now taking steps to remove websites that use blackhat SEO techniques, such as link farms, doorway pages, paid links, loaded meta code and so on.

Our Services

Website Optimisation

Working with you, we will optimise meta code, content and create a series of text links

Link Building

Ranging from good value text links through to high value niche text links, we have it covered

SEO Services & Enhancements

Guaranteed Google submission, DMOZ submission, article writing, link baiting, squidoo lens creation

Complete Solutions

Website hosting, PPC management, create your own online ecommerce website

Website optimisation, the process

The starting point is to develop a keyword strategy

KEI analysis is carried out to determine niche market

The next stage is to implement keywords into meta code

This is followed by keyword placement into site content

Web pages are optimised so to allow full indexing

Sitemap created and uploaded to ensure spidering & indexing

Site submission to all major search engines

One way text links are created using keyword strategy

Benchmarking is carried out in order to measure performance

This is the stage where further SEO enhancements are added

Website metrics are added where appropriate

The process for optimisation can change from website to website, each project is individual

SEO facts:

Does SEO have to be costly ?
No, organic and natural SEO does not have to be expensive. WHY ? Other forms of SEO pay for links on high page rank sites, this does bring benefits, however is comes at a price and now Google greatly diminished the strength of links.

What SEO company is for me ?
Look for the best SEO agency that is willing to work with you, and not go it alone. Make sure you choose a company that has a good position in Google for its chosen search engine optimisation market.

Experience to deliver results:

SEO and Web Design has over 6 years experience in the SEO field, with clients ranging from NHS charities through to small ecommerce websites and blue chip companies. Registered to the ALZA Management Institute as a certified SEO company.