The importance of Link Building

Google considers the number, quality and relevance of the anchor text of inbound links to your site as one of the decisive factors in search engine ranking. When you are going after top ranking on extremely competitive search terms, it will be almost impossible without a decent number of quality inbound anchor text links to your site. They must also be relevant! Don’t even think about spamming your site via link farms or other decidedly shady practices. This just will not work. If you do get away with it, get ready to disappear out of the search engines right about the time you start relying on the new found revenue streams this has managed to generate. This is very bad business and Internet practice in general.

Quality Link Building

Search engine marketing consists of many different factors. Intensive research activity is needed in all the different areas, whilst at the same time remaining objective about your marketing efforts. This certainly requires a certain mind-set, which is one good reason for you to hire the Search Engine Marketing Agency to manage your link building campaign. It is also more cost effective, less time consuming and more likely to produce a solid return on investment if you engage the Search Engine Marketing Agency than employing an additional member of staff who will require a full-time salary with all the associated benefits!

Inbound Links and Anchor Text: The Power Of Anchor Text

One good way to use the power of anchor text is to choose a descriptive name for your site, and by descriptively naming your folders and files. Keyword domains are a great help, because every time you gain a link to your site, the keyword that relates to your business is there. Descriptive domains or keyword domains benefit from a much higher CTR (click through rate) than non-descriptive domains.