Web Design Packages:

We recognise that price is an important consideration for small and medium organisations as well as individuals, which is why our packages are designed to be affordable, without compromising on quality. Our two most popular options are:

Easy Plan (from £99)
1 to 3 web-pages. Ideal for the self employed who want an internet presence to enhance their image and give contact details and brief background.

Extra Plan (from £300)
A website of 4+ pages. Allowing for more information than the Easy Plan, this option is more suited to small to medium organisations.

Full Plan (from £600)
A website of 10+ pages. This is a package that gives you a fully created website complete with total responsiveness to use on all devices. Also comes with an SEO ready structure. This option is more suited to small to medium organisations.

SEO Packages

 Three month internet marketing package – £900

A three month internet marketing and SEO service is based at companies with a smaller web site that has a finite set of pages. We will concentrate on the most important parts of you web site (home page and a couple of landing pages) which drive the most traffic to your site. The package holds everything expected from an internet marketing package and SEO service:

  • Online Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • On page optimisation
  • Off page optimisation

This will take care of any sites basic needs and help them on there way. SEO Marketing Solutions will expect 50% of this fee up front with the final payment being paid after the on-page and off-page optimisation has been completed. At this point there will be the opportunity to sign up for a longer period at a discounted rate.

Six month internet marketing package – £250 per month

A six month internet marketing package and SEO service provides you with everything that is mentioned above in the three month package however it is targeted more at sites that are larger in size and have a more dynamic structure. The longer time period allows us more time to work on extra pages than a three month contract along with more work being done on the off-page optimisation (link building).

With this type of project we expect the client to pay in monthly instalments. The option to renew will also be available at the end of this period at a discounted rate.

Yearly internet marketing package – £200 per month

Again this is an advance on the six month project, it allows us to work on more pages of your site and really understand how competitors in your market attract traffic and where the best traffic streams occur as well as highlighting conversion trends from your current visitors. It allows us to tweak your site to your clientele and gives more time to improve your off-page optimisation.

Again with this type of contract we prefer the client to pay in monthly instalments and can renew again for a discounted fee.