A well planned, implemented and managed SEO campaign is vital to ensure the success of any commercially focused website. A successful SEO campaign will help to increase the reach of a company’s web presence, and ensure that organic and paid traffic is highly targeted. In broader terms, SEO can be split into two primary subjects.

Website Optimisation and Internet Marketing Specialists

We provide offer a search engine optimisation service tailored to client needs as well as a Pay Per Click and website design service.

We have specialized in SEO for over 5 years delivering results for all clients on the search engines including Google Yahoo and Bing.

On the Page Website Optimsation

All of the issues faced when designing and building a website, which can be deemed to be search engine friendly. On the page seo deals with such factors as meta data, page titles and descriptions, domain name and URL, and a whole host of other associated search engine optimisation techniques. It is vitally important that every website conforms to a set of recognised standards regarding what is generally believed to be the best way to ensure that the website and its content are both spidered effectively, and have been optimised to be returned in a high Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

In many ways the on the page seo of a website should be considered the basic foundation which every other facet of a optimisation campaign will use as its starting point. It is pointless to undertake a far reaching seo campaign if the website itself is not 100% search engine friendly. On the page search engine optimisation is performed to ensure that the actual physical website itself contains no code, design elements or content which could see it penalised or otherwise lowered in search engine ranking position.

Optimisation Off the Page

The term off the page search engine optimisation deals with external influences upon the search engine ranking position of the target website. All of the big three search engines(Google, Yahoo, MSN) use backlinks, and the anchor text for these backlinks as the basis for their calculation of the website’s popularity to some extent or another. Most well-known of these grading systems is Google PageRank, although it should be noted that both Yahoo and MSN also rely heavily upon back links to judge the popularity of a site. By undertaking an off the page search engine optimisation campaign you will be ensuring that your website is deemed to be both popular and frequently updated in the eyes of the search engines, thus improving your standing, and achieving high rankings in search engine ranking position.

Off the page search engine optimisation uses a set of tried and tested techniques to increase the number of relevant themed backlinks through a variety of sources. Additionally, there are several large Internet marketing directories which are considered to be highly beneficial to off the pace search engine optimisation, and the successful submission of a website to these directories will form part of any off the page search engine optimisation campaign.

The techniques involved in search engine optimisation change frequently due to the fact that the major search engines are continually refining the algorithms used to calculate the search engine ranking position a website. It is therefore important that any search engine optimisation campaign is seen as an ongoing strategy, and not merely a one-off project. Every successful website needs to not only ensure that it is search engine friendly, but to continue with off the page search engine optimisation throughout the life cycle of the site. In the modern Internet enabled age, it is important that every successful commercial website undertakes a comprehensive and far reaching search engine optimisation campaign, designed to achieve and maintain high levels of organic traffic.