When considering website design it is important that the role of the target website is considered from the outset. There is no point in undertaking an extensive website marketing or website promotion campaign if the website design of the site does not fit the target niche, or does not portray a professional image. Your website needs to be built using a structure that search engine spiders can read easily. We build websites that are search engine ready. pro web direct may suggest your site needs a complete re-design to maximise it’s potential.

We will complete an in depth report on why your site is under performing. There may be a number of factors, both “on page
& “off page” including design, layout, content, internal link structures, domain name, inbound links and more. The techniques involved in search engine optimisation change frequently, it is therefore important that any search engine optimisation campaign is seen as an ongoing strategy, and not merely a one-off project.

Designing a new website

Need a website designed, we can have the website designers design you a website for your company for yourself or what ever you may need a website for.

Every company and individual will need a web designer in order to build a website online. A web designer is a relatively new profession as the Internet has only really been around for twenty years. Many web designers went into the profession from different fields such as marketing or computer programming. As the world of web design has become more complex, people have specialised in web design and it now is their sole career.

Web design has several elements that need to be considered when building a website. The first and usually the one that is focused on by the company the most is the look and feel of the website. This is why many designers enter web design from an artistic field. Indeed, it is important that a website looks good and there are plenty of design angles you can take such as flash and animation. All too often, a web site can overlook an essential element of a site design and that is functionality.

When we look at functionality and a website designer, then we can look at it in two ways. The first is functionality in the form of how the customer and web traffic view the site. The second issue is functionality in how the search engines view the site. Both are equally important. Without the customers, then a website and business will quickly die, so customers liking the site are important.

The search engines also need to ‘like’ the site so that it ranks highly for the right search terms, so this is also an important part of site functionality. It is the job of the web designers to find a balance between the style of the design and also the functionality of the site for search engines and marketing. This is why you should always consult with a professional when building a website.


Make your website convert visits to sales

If you are need of a website that not only looks good and is user very friendly, then our website designers can build you a website that will not have the look and feel but will also help you convert enquiries, our web designers can design a website in moist formats, HTML ASP ASPX PHP and many more, your website needs to show that you are a major player in your industry, our website designers can design you a website from scratch or work from design that you may have, whatever your requirement why not speak to one of our web designers and they be more than helpful and show you sites that we have designed, you can do this by clicking the quote form click here alternatively you can call 0845 3037413 and arrange an appointment with a website designer, we have in offices in the South of England in London and Essex also in the North of England in Manchester and Nelson.

Let us consider the fact that for most website promotion campaigns the idea is not only to increase the amount of visitors to the site, but to ensure that a higher percentage of these visitors are converted into paying customers. Taking this simple fact into consideration then we can deduce that if the website in question displays a shoddy or unprofessional website design, then it is unlikely that these visitors will convert. If we imagine a website to be similar to a shop window display, then we can clearly see that the website design is fundamentally instrumental as a vehicle for promoting the products or services on sale. In many ways the actual website design needs to be considered as the basic starting point of any website marketing campaign.


A highly specialised arena

The world of search engine optimisation and Internet promotion is a highly specialised arena. Internet marketing uses a combination of sales techniques and technological processes to promote a website or product. Internet promotion relies upon the fact that the target website displays an effective website design and one which will actively encourage visitors to purchase the products on offer. A successful commercial website that employs Internet marketing techniques to extend its reach needs to ensure that the site content and website design have been implemented in a fashion which will promote the highest percentage of conversion. Not only is the website design itself an important factor but the actual page content, especially sales orientated page content, should be carefully crafted to encourage each visitor to make a purchase. There are many additional techniques used by successful Internet marketing companies to ensure that the highest possible percentage of visitors to a website will convert into paying customers. By paying careful attention to the website design, the overall site content and the sales procedure itself, profitability can be raised.

Modern, proven techniques.

Website promotion is an ever-changing arena. Quite often SEO is over simplified and the marketplace is saturated by self-professed gurus peddling half-truths and badly conceived Internet marketing techniques. Any commercial venture approaching Internet promotion with a view to extending the reach of their web presence, and increasing the probability of the commercial website, needs to consider the fact that in many ways much of the freely available material discussing Internet marketing consists of nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Most of the truly profitable techniques utilised in a successful Internet promotion campaign are kept relatively secret by a handful of highly skilled Internet marketers. With this simple fact in mind it is important that any company or individual who feels that Internet marketing can be utilised to increase revenue, take steps to ensure that the person undertaking their Internet promotion campaign on their behalf is using modern, proven techniques.

Website designers using cutting edge marketing techniques

There can be no doubt that by combining effective website design with cutting edge Internet marketing techniques, a highly profitable commercial business venture can be achieved. However, it is important to note that for each success story there are hundreds if not thousands of failures. It is therefore advised that the services of a professional Internet marketer are procured to assist in the Internet promotion of your website. A professional Internet marketer will be able to utilise currently profitable techniques in the promotion of your commercial website.